Invocation for summer 2021

We love nature’s cathedrals

Tall trees rising like spires

We grieve their devastation

Amid these wildfires

People are dying from Covid 19

But deniers claim the pandemic

is not what it seems.

Amid stresses and trauma

We gather together

Grateful for firefighters,

doctors, nurses, and others.

Let’s be thankful for friendships

and service in Rotary

Let’s hope all this trauma

Will soon just be history.


(interior British Columbia, August 24, 2021, where wildfires threaten communities, and Covid has taken a dramatic spike)

Invocation of Relief

When we’ve been encircled by trauma

When we’ve been overwhelmed with grief

When we’ve seen the crush of horror

When we’ve felt the villain’s teeth

When we’ve feared so long for safety

When we’ve doubted our beliefs

When we’ve been through so much turmoil

Let us celebrate relief!

Let us clasp our hands together

Let us look at what’s beneath.

Let us work to make society

where kind respect is chief.

Free for use in Rotary Clubs.  Please credit Shawn Bird of Shuswap Rotary (5060 BC Canada) when you use it, and leave a note in the comments below so folks know where it’s been used.  Thanks.

invocation for District Conference

There is power in numbers.

The energy vibrating in this room

ensures we’re unencumbered

when we presume

to change to world. Look around

We’ve gathered in this place

to celebrate, to be astounded,

at the good that can be traced

to Rotarians in each city and town

in our district.

Let us be thankful for this.

Let us be grateful as we break down

dissension and fear.

Let us be thankful, Rotarians, to be here.

invocation after a tragedy

In the face of terrible tragedy

We are in anguish.

We feel helpless, drowning

in tears we can’t extinguish.

Let our sorrow power our resolve

to work at bettering our world,

to protect the victims involved,

as our banner of care is unfurled.

Let determination and our skills

Ensure injustice is defeated,

and that peace is fulfilled,

so such tragedy is never repeated.



Invocation for peace

We have been shattered into pieces

divisive patter has demeaned us

Let’s commit to redeem peace around us.

In this room

In this city,

Let our faith bloom in the gritty places

Among all creeds and races.

Let our Rotary service

shine to all who observe us.



For free use within Rotary.  Please give acknowledge Shawn Bird of Shuswap Rotary as the author when you present the invocation.  Please also leave a message for her in the comments so others know where and when this invocation has been used.

(First published on November 9, 2016)

invocation-new year

We’ve had our celebrations,

shared with family far or near.

We’ve enjoyed our ham or turkey,

welcomed in another year.

As we start this new calendar

may we write upon each day,

faith and kindness, peace and promise,

work toward the better way

Thankful for our good companions

As we begin this year of service,

Thankful for commitment that

brings change to deep within us.

Happy New Year!





invocation for DG visit

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

Today we’re thankful for the district leaders of Rotary.  We’re thankful they’re willing to give their time and their talent, willing to risk, and willing to inspire each of us to become the best we can be.

We’re thankful for their sacrifices and their ingenuity.  We’re thankful for their experience and wisdom.

We’re thankful that Rotary brings together opportunities to improve our community and our world.

We’re thankful that we’re together today to share a meal, ready to learn and be inspired for another year service.

Thankful for Bill Jenkins, DG

of Rotary District 5060!

invocation for the charter meeting of Sun Peaks Rotary


We are gathered here to celebrate beginning

We are gathered here to chart our course for service

We are gathered here to consider what we’re bringing

We are gathered here to try what makes us nervous.

Like skiers at the top of a mountain,

we can only see the start of our course,

but we believe in these people around us,

we believe in Rotary’s worth.

Today, we are thankful for the service begun

by Sun Peaks Rotary Club’s charter members

We are thankful for opportunity to become

Rotary’s newest club, this 17th of September.

May we rise like a dawn chair lift.

May we serve with the fortitude of a lift operator at -20 degrees.

May we show the flexibility of a slalom racer.

May we stay tight like good bindings (and release, when we should)

May we be as welcoming as a hot tub after a long day.

May we never debate skiing versus boarding,

for in Rotary, both, like all professions, are worthy.

May we serve together in ski season and mountain bike season,

and may our club enjoy a perfect run!



(c) Shawn Bird 2017  Free use within Rotary, but please credit Shawn and record your use of this Invocation below.

Invocation for Dads

Invocation For Dads June 16, 2012

Our fathers are our first role models of what it is to be a man.

If we are blessed to have a good one driving our household mini van,

He shows us how a romantic partner should behave;

He demonstrates just how our children should be raised.

He shows us this without a word, by what he does each day,

So we’ll reflect his teaching as we go on about our way.

If we weren’t blessed to have our  father  there to show us what to do,

Let us be thankful there are men, who’ll gather us in, too.

In thanks for each man, standing by his family,

Who cares, provides,  corrects and loves, from those of us who see.


© Shawn L. Bird 2012  Free use within Rotary, though please indicate when and where you have used the invocation by leaving a comment below.  Thanks!