About the author

ShawnLBirdtealsmallIn response to the high traffic on her regular blog for her non-sectarian Rotary Invocations, Shawn will endeavour to post a new invocation regularly on this site, following the Rotary calendar.

Shawn Bird (BA, MEd) is a past-president of the Rotary Club of Salmon Arm (Shuswap), but she has recovered enough to think about doing it again.  She is a Paul Harris fellow.  She was the first outbound Rotary youth exchange student of the Rotary Club of Kelowna (Okanagan Mission).  She was hosted jointly by the four clubs of Kotka, Finland.  (She is pleased to announcethat she can still fit into her pin adorned jacket).  Shawn has even been published in The Rotarian magazine! (June 2013 Letters)

Outside of Rotary, Shawn is on the staff of the innovative Eagle River Secondary as librarian, counselor, Career Coordinator, and English teacher.  She is also an author, a poet, a wife, a mother, a poodle brusher, a dog agility trainer, a dancer, a folk harpist, and a free spirit.  She is available to present workshops on writing, publishing, and innovative educational practices.

She maintains a very active daily blog full of poetry and musings at http://www.shawnbird.com.  She tweets as @ShawnLBird.  You can also find her on Tumblr, Facebook, and Wattpad.  Same handle.

Plainly, she does not sleep, but that’s a good thing, because otherwise she wouldn’t have time to create invocations for your club to use.

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