invocation for District Conference

There is power in numbers.

The energy vibrating in this room

ensures we’re unencumbered

when we presume

to change to world. Look around

We’ve gathered in this place

to celebrate, to be astounded,

at the good that can be traced

to Rotarians in each city and town

in our district.

Let us be thankful for this.

Let us be grateful as we break down

dissension and fear.

Let us be thankful, Rotarians, to be here.

Invocation for Literacy

Let us be thankful for the power unlocked

by a brain decoding symbols.

The ability to read gives the ability

to advance beyond poverty,

to learn what those near you do not know,

to discover ideas that may be hidden,

to unleash your potential.

Let us be thankful for the literacy endeavours of Rotary,

for changing the world one decoded alphabet at a time.

Let us be thankful for our ability to read, and commit

to embracing literacy initiatives.

Let us provide the ability to change the world.


June thankfulness

Shawn L. Bird

Skies bluer than sapphires

Sun glowing, turned the world into High Definition.

Birds calling, trilling, chirping, clicking, singing

Swooping, sailing on a sky sea

Warm breeze a caress,

blowing sultry scents into nostrils.

Barbeque sauce tangoing on the tongue.

With friends, in fellowship,

we celebrate service above ourselves.

There is a lot to be thankful for in June.


June is Rotary Fellowships month.  Fellowships are Rotarians who share a passion, like chess, travel, puzzles, etc.

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