invocation after a tragedy

In the face of terrible tragedy

We are in anguish.

We feel helpless, drowning

in tears we can’t extinguish.

Let our sorrow power our resolve

to work at bettering our world,

to protect the victims involved,

as our banner of care is unfurled.

Let determination and our skills

Ensure injustice is defeated,

and that peace is fulfilled,

so such tragedy is never repeated.



Invocation for peace

We have been shattered into pieces

divisive patter has demeaned us

Let’s commit to redeem peace around us.

In this room

In this city,

Let our faith bloom in the gritty places

Among all creeds and races.

Let our Rotary service

shine to all who observe us.



For free use within Rotary.  Please give acknowledge Shawn Bird of Shuswap Rotary as the author when you present the invocation.  Please also leave a message for her in the comments so others know where and when this invocation has been used.

(First published on November 9, 2016)