invocation for the charter meeting of Sun Peaks Rotary


We are gathered here to celebrate beginning

We are gathered here to chart our course for service

We are gathered here to consider what we’re bringing

We are gathered here to try what makes us nervous.

Like skiers at the top of a mountain,

we can only see the start of our course,

but we believe in these people around us,

we believe in Rotary’s worth.

Today, we are thankful for the service begun

by Sun Peaks Rotary Club’s charter members

We are thankful for opportunity to become

Rotary’s newest club, this 17th of September.

May we rise like a dawn chair lift.

May we serve with the fortitude of a lift operator at -20 degrees.

May we show the flexibility of a slalom racer.

May we stay tight like good bindings (and release, when we should)

May we be as welcoming as a hot tub after a long day.

May we never debate skiing versus boarding,

for in Rotary, both, like all professions, are worthy.

May we serve together in ski season and mountain bike season,

and may our club enjoy a perfect run!



(c) Shawn Bird 2017  Free use within Rotary, but please credit Shawn and record your use of this Invocation below.