New executive invocation

We are thankful for those who accept

the call to serve as club exec.

We’re thankful that tonight they vow

to give their time for us from now

until next June.  May their service

show each one bold with courage

As they steer our club to great heights

offer us strength and fine advice.

Thanks for those who made our meal,

to fuel us ‘neath our Rotary wheel.



June thankfulness

Shawn L. Bird

Skies bluer than sapphires

Sun glowing, turned the world into High Definition.

Birds calling, trilling, chirping, clicking, singing

Swooping, sailing on a sky sea

Warm breeze a caress,

blowing sultry scents into nostrils.

Barbeque sauce tangoing on the tongue.

With friends, in fellowship,

we celebrate service above ourselves.

There is a lot to be thankful for in June.


June is Rotary Fellowships month.  Fellowships are Rotarians who share a passion, like chess, travel, puzzles, etc.

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