GSE invocation

Tri Club Meeting for German GSE Team visit to Salmon Arm, BC 

May 6, 2013


 We’re thankful to welcome our GSE team

Kristina, Daniela, Gregor, Jens and Aline

Accompanied by Erich they’ve journeyed far

To explore Fifty-Sixty and to learn who we are.

We’re thankful for the health of Doug, our DG

And a great District Conference, I’m sure you agree.

 We’re thankful for the service of each Rotarian here

Who is making a difference, though sometimes through tears

 We’re thankful to be all together this evening

For good food and friends, for laughter and breathing.


© Shawn L. Bird

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Non-sectarian invocations posted each Sunday starting July 1, 2013

Spring invocation

Snows are melting; spring is come

This Rotary year is almost done.

As we reflect on projects from the year

upon our activities both far and near,

We’re thankful for successes enjoyed

We’re thankful for resources employed

in the service of others, in service of peace,

for in serving others our joys increase.

Let’s be thankful at this meeting for food and friends,

for hearts to serve and helpful hands.


(c) Shawn Bird.
For free use within Rotary, but please leave a comment saying when and where you use this invocation, and credit Shawn as the author.