Invocation- warm hearts

February is a time for warm hearts

To welcome peace and set a part

a portion of our love and grace,

thankful for this special place,

thankful for those gathered here,

thankful for Rotary work, far and near.


(c) Shawn Bird 2016  Free use with Rotary.  Please credit Shawn when you share this in your club; as well, please leave a comment to let us know your club  and when you intend to use it.  With thanks.

7 thoughts on “Invocation- warm hearts

  1. Thank you for providing invocations for our use Shawn. I intend to use this at our Rotary Club of Merritt (BC) lunch time meeting today. Regards,

  2. Dear Shawn, Thank you for allowing me to use your Invocation! I plan to use this today 2/4/16 at the Asheville Downtown Rotary Club meeting. Yours in Rotary Service, Tara Jaynes

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