It’s still winter invocation

It’s still winter and as we battle ice and snow

may we be thankful for the opportunity to know

humanitarians, philanthropists, and innovators

to be  wonderful new world generators.

Let us work to keep the elimination of polio

and achieving world peace in our portfolio.

Let us be thankful for our meal, and that despite the weather,

that we are Rotarians here together.

3 thoughts on “It’s still winter invocation

  1. I don’t know if this qualifies as non sectarian, i recently wrote a grace to be sung. I hope you like it.

    We thank you Lord for everyone here gathered
    We thank you Lord for all the love each brings
    We thank you Lord for the bread upon the table
    We thank you Lord we have a song to sing

    Your blessing Lord is all that really matters
    Your blessing lord on all of us who dine
    please bless this meal that your grace has given
    your blessing Lord turns water into wine
    your blessing lord turns water into wine.

    • Definitely sectarian. A grace generally is, as opposed to an invocation. However, thanks for sharing. What’s the tune?

      My last invocation at Rotary was one I wrote for Girl Guides to be sung to the traditional camp fire opening “Fire’s Burning.” It goes,
      We’re thankful
      We’re thankful
      For friendship
      For friendship
      And for good food
      And for good food
      And hands that prepared it.
      Unfortunately, the Rotarians were not very enthusiastic singers. They did sing it, but I couldn’t get them to do it as a round.

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