It’s still winter invocation

It’s still winter and as we battle ice and snow

may we be thankful for the opportunity to know

humanitarians, philanthropists, and innovators

to be  wonderful new world generators.

Let us work to keep the elimination of polio

and achieving world peace in our portfolio.

Let us be thankful for our meal, and that despite the weather,

that we are Rotarians here together.

invocation for the new year

As the calendar turns

and another new year begins

Let us be thankful for our Rotary friends

and the changes our service can bring.

Let us rise to the challenges given

Let us aim to give more to the cause

Let us continue to make the world better

Even if no one gives us applause.

Thanksgiving invocation

When we gather with family,

some we like and some we don’t,

we can be thankful that Thanksgiving is just one day

and we don’t have to be together all the time.

When we gather with Rotary,

some we like and some we don’t,

we can be thankful that while Rotary is every week,

we can work together all the time

Let us be thankful for the disparate views

of the world that help us be more effective

at making a difference in our community

and in our world.

invocation for an auction


Margaret Mead said,

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Let us be thankful for the small group of committed people who, with your help tonight, are changing the world

one lunch,

One polio vaccination

One dental filling

One community project at a time.

Let us be thankful for the opportunity to gather together for a good meal with good friends.

Let us be thankful.


Originally posted on Shawn L. Bird:

Each of us is called to be the best we can be.  We are not called to mediocrity.  Very few of us can rise to embrace  our call on our own.  It takes commitment, effort, and encouragement to achieve greatness.  Let us remember that while we work toward our own success, it is our responsibility to help guide others to their success as well.  We can achieve great things when we work together.  Let us be thankful for the opportunities we have in Rotary to work together, as well as for the people we meet who inspire us to greatness, and whom we inspire.

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invocation- young voices

We say good bye to our ambassadors

young voices raised in farewell to their homelands

embarking on adventures in a new land.

New friends, new food, new realities

new dreams, new wishes, new knowledge.

Let us be thankful for the safe harbour of home

and let us be thankful for the journey to the unknown

Let us be thankful for the journeys that our Rotary Exchange Students

embark upon, and the many voices that bring knowledge,

understanding, and peace to the world.


When my daughter departed on her year in Spain, I was fearful.  I had had a wonderful year as a Rotary Exchange student in Finland, so I had faith in the process, but I am a mother, so I worried about her safety: bombs, rapists, pick pockets, that sort of thing.  I claimed this quote, and quietly accepted that the most important part of parenting is letting go.  

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

~John Augustus Shedd